CLASH of Katanas (Electronic Version)

CLASH of Katanas (Electronic Version)

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The power of the Shogunate is in shambles, and Japan has fallen into the chaos of the Sengoku Jidai (warring states). Daimyos lead their clans into battle, fighting to become the next Shogun, while peasants rise in revolt. But those are the problems of lords and generals, yours is to lead your men, and achieve honor and glory for your house! 

In this PDF version you will get:

New rules, characters, traits and equipment

Army lists for 9 major clans of the late Sengoku period and also for Ikko Ikki, Pirates, Ming Chinese, Joseon Koreans, and the Iga uprising

Includes an extensive historical outline of the period by renowned expert Terje Solum author of the Saga of the Samurai books.


You need a copy of the core CLASH of Spears rulebook to use this supplement.


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